Episode 1 - Cybersecurity

The mass shift to remote working is creating fresh opportunities for cyber-attackers.

Employees are working from home, away from networks monitored by IT experts and using broadband connections designed for video streaming not business. 

Recent weeks have also seen ransomware and phishing attacks skyrocket as cybercriminals look to exploit newly vulnerable defences. 

It’s not just customers. MSPs – who have found themselves a prime target for cyberattacks in recent months - also need to cope with homeworking, and creating operational structures to protect themselves and their entire workforce. 

We are in unchartered territory, but the stakes for channel partners in protecting their teams and their customers has never been higher. What security advice should trusted advisors in the channel be giving their customers at this difficult time, and which security technologies should they be deploying as a matter of urgency? 

This episode, part of the CRN and Channel Partner Insight Deskflix series, will look at security best practice in the wake of COVID-19.