Episode 2 - Remote Working

Out of necessity, 2020 has become the year of collaboration technology. 

The advancement in remote working and collaboration tools has made virtual solutions a perfectly adequate substitution for when face-to-face communication is not option. Though the technology is better than ever, very few people would prefer to talk to a screen than another human being. Until a week ago. 

Our circumstances have now changed and technology that, for many, was once a back-up, is now our primary method of communication – making it invaluable. 

Many businesses have adopted collaboration tech in a panic to stay afloat. But as the likes of BT Group CEO Philip Jansen discovered when he was struck down with Covid-19, it can be so effective it will be hard to give up. It promises to change the way we work entirely. 

The opportunity this presents for comms providers and their partners is unprecedented, but the channel has to act now to take advantage of the acceleration in adoption. 

This episode will explore how interaction within businesses will change as a result of increasing virtual collaboration and how the channel firms can position themselves to be the partner of choice for customers.