Episode 3 - Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has underpinned an IT spending boom over the last two to three years. 

But some are predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate this trend as more firms put technology at the heart of their businesses in areas such as remote capabilities and automation. 

The pandemic has led to a crisis in public health, the economy, and in society at large. 

But it has also showcased the power of technology. 

Now some onlookers are predicting a further wave of investment in digital transformation projects post-Coronavirus. 

"Businesses that were hesitant to move forward on digital because things were going reasonably well and they didn't really want to disrupt things, that now is out of the window,” advertising mogul Martin Sorrell recently told Sky News. 

This episode, part of CRN and Channel Partner Insight’s Deskflix series, will look at how firms may see technology differently in the wake of the current crisis, and what hardware, software and services firms are likely to demand from the channel as they accelerate IT investments.