Episode 4 - The Future of MSPs

How can MSPs not only ride the storm through COVID-19, but emerge stronger on the other side? 

This report and virtual event will look at how the demands placed on MSPs will shift over the coming months – and beyond – as traditional working patterns are turned on their head. 

MSPs have been called upon to keep their clients operational in recent weeks as staff migrate en masse to a WFH model, and they have never been a stronger position to push their remote management and wider remote working proposition. 

But the crisis also presents a number of issues for MSPs as they strive to maintain service levels, conduct business and attract new customers with little or no face-to-face contact. 

Practical implications abound: Running a SOC or NOC from home is no simple task; many will have a client book featuring firms in badly impacted industries such as hospitality and retail; and then there’s the very real danger that MSPs’ own staff may get ill.

COVID-19 is simultaneously the biggest crisis and opportunity facing MSPs in a generation. 

What course of action MSPs should take in the coming months and longer-term will be the topic of this episode, which is part of the CRN and Channel Partner Insight Deskflix series.