2023 Agenda

Opening remarks
Panel Session - How is security procurement evolving for MSPs?

Last year IT budgets were strapped owing to the after effects of Covid-19.

But now European businesses are being met with strenuous economic conditions that are impacting procurement in the cybersecurity market.

Analyst house Gartner even downgraded its predictions for 2023 global IT spending as inflation continues to erode consumer purchasing power and shrink device budgets.

It now expects $4.5trn to be spent this year, an increase of 2.4 per cent from 2022, but a dip from the previous quarter's forecast of 5.1 per cent growth.

Vendors are having to get creative when navigating these changing procurement patterns and prolonged sales cycles, but how are MSPs being affected?

In this panel session we will discuss:

  • The latest trends in remote working and cybersecurity -
  • Partner/vendor relationships and whether the former are providing enough support
  • What combative methods from the Covid era have stayed and continue to be of use
Senior Vice President, Global Services, Solutions and Products
Managing Director (EMEA) & Co-Founder
Assured Data Protection
Panel Session: How can MSPs approach the cyber talent shortage?

2023 has so far been dominated by layoff announcements from major channel vendors.

Tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Sophos, Citrix, Cisco and Amazon have made cuts to their global workforce in the thousands with possibly more to come, each citing over-hiring and economic conditions as the key reasons why.

This, coupled with the ongoing gap in security recruitment, is proving more than difficult for organisations wanting to push ahead with innovation and expansion.

This panel discussion will cover: 

  • How is the partner community being affected by mass layoffs? What are the challenges? 
  • Are they hitting pause on recruitment while the economy remains volatile? 
  • How can the role of MSPs be better optimised to battle this staff shortage? 
  • Should MSPs approach vendors for more support in driving talent their way?

Managing Director
Presales Director
Panel Session: What game-changing cybersecurity trends will be ripe for investment in 2023?

Trends, as is the definition, develop and change over time across all sectors, and the competitive cybersecurity industry is no exception.

Threat detection and response tools and two factor authentication are continually on the rise.

Reports are hailing third-party risk management while Gartner predictions are placing zero trust security at the forefront.

With these solutions alongside an array of other tech choices, partners and vendors alike may be unclear which direction is best to allocate its resources.

In this panel leading channel figures will talk about: 

  • Which technology solutions will have the spotlight in 2023? 
  • What decisions do partners need to be making now in order to best position themselves for the year ahead? 
  • Where specifically should MSPs invest in security this year?

Global Security Product Manager
Head of Security Services
Proact IT UK
Closing remarks